12 Farm Roles to Consider for Your Next Job

Farms are at the heart of agriculture, and they play an essential role in producing the food that we eat.

In this post, we’ll explore some of the different jobs on a farm, along with their job titles and responsibilities.

List of Jobs on a Farm

Farm Manager

A farm manager is responsible for overseeing all aspects of farm operations. This includes managing crops, livestock, and machinery, as well as supervising workers and ensuring that the farm meets all regulatory requirements.


A veterinarian on a farm is responsible for the health and welfare of the farm’s livestock. They may diagnose and treat illnesses, perform surgeries, and provide preventative care.

Agricultural Economist

An agricultural economist studies the economic aspects of farming, including market trends and pricing. They may help farmers develop business plans, identify new markets, and improve their profitability.

Farm Accountant

A farm accountant is responsible for managing the financial aspects of the farm. They may create budgets, track expenses, and prepare financial reports.

Irrigation Specialist

An irrigation specialist designs and installs irrigation systems to ensure that crops receive the proper amount of water. They may also be responsible for maintaining and repairing these systems.

Crop Advisor

A crop advisor provides advice and guidance to farmers on how to improve crop yields and quality.

They may help with soil testing, pest management, and crop rotation.

Livestock Breeder

A livestock breeder is responsible for breeding and raising high-quality livestock.

They may be involved in selecting breeding stock, managing pregnancy and birth, and caring for young animals.

Farm Equipment Operator

A farm equipment operator is responsible for operating and maintaining machinery, such as tractors and combines, used on the farm.


An agronomist studies the science of soil management and crop production.

They may help farmers develop soil management plans, select crops, and improve plant health.

Farm Hand

A farm hand performs a variety of tasks on the farm, such as feeding and caring for livestock, cleaning barns, and maintaining equipment.

Equipment Mechanic

An equipment mechanic is responsible for maintaining and repairing the farm’s machinery and equipment, such as tractors, harvesters, and irrigation systems.

They may also be responsible for diagnosing and troubleshooting issues, ordering replacement parts, and performing routine maintenance to ensure that the farm’s equipment is running smoothly.

Farm Truck Driver

A farm truck driver is responsible for transporting crops and livestock to and from the farm. They may also be responsible for delivering farm equipment and supplies to other locations.

In addition to driving, they may be responsible for loading and unloading the truck and ensuring that the cargo is secure during transport.

What about job roles on small farms?

On small farms, it’s common for one person to take on multiple jobs and responsibilities. In fact, many small farmers are known for their ability to wear multiple hats and juggle a wide range of tasks.

This is because small farms typically have limited resources and a smaller workforce, which means that each individual must be able to perform a variety of tasks.

For example, on a small family farm, the farmer may be responsible for everything from planting and harvesting crops to caring for livestock and maintaining equipment. They may also be responsible for managing the farm’s finances, marketing their products, and complying with regulatory requirements.

While it can be challenging to take on so many responsibilities, there are also benefits to this approach.

For one, it allows small farmers to maintain more control over their operations and to have a deeper understanding of every aspect of their farm. It can also be more cost-effective, since hiring additional staff can be expensive.


As you can see, there are many different jobs on a farm, each with its own unique set of responsibilities.

Whether you’re interested in working with crops, livestock, or machinery, there is likely a job on a farm that will suit your interests and skills.

So if you’re looking for a rewarding career that combines hard work with a deep connection to the land, consider exploring some of the many job opportunities available on farms.

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