Agriculture Jobs That Start With H

If you’re considering a career in agriculture, there are many options to explore.

Today, we’re focusing on agriculture jobs that start with H:


Horticulturists are scientists who study plants, their growth, and their diseases.

They work to improve crop yields and develop new plant varieties that are more resistant to disease and pests.

Harvesting Supervisor

Harvesting supervisors oversee the harvesting process on farms.

They manage workers, ensure that crops are harvested efficiently and safely, and coordinate the transport of harvested crops to storage or market.


Hydrologists study the movement and distribution of water in the environment.

In agriculture, hydrologists work to manage water resources, such as irrigation systems and waterways, to ensure that crops have access to the water they need.

Heavy Equipment Operator

Heavy equipment operators are responsible for operating large machinery, such as tractors, combines, and excavators.

They work on farms and other agricultural operations to till soil, harvest crops, and perform other tasks that require heavy machinery.

Horse Trainer

Horse trainers work with horses, training them for racing, riding, and other activities.

In agriculture, horse trainers work on farms that breed and raise horses, ensuring that the animals are well-trained and healthy.

Honeybee Keeper

Honeybee keepers manage bee colonies, ensuring that they produce honey and pollinate crops.

They monitor the health of the bees and take steps to prevent diseases and pests from affecting the colony.

Herbicide Applicator

Herbicide applicators are responsible for applying herbicides to crops to control weeds.

They ensure that the herbicides are applied safely and efficiently, following regulatory guidelines.


There are many agriculture jobs that start with H to explore.

Whether you’re interested in plant science, machinery operation, or animal training, there’s a job for you in this exciting industry.


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