Agriculture Jobs That Start With I

When it comes to agriculture jobs, the letter “I” might not immediately come to mind.

However, there are actually several ag jobs that start with I worth exploring:

Irrigation Specialist

Irrigation specialists are responsible for designing and implementing irrigation systems on farms and other agricultural operations.

They ensure that crops receive the water they need to grow and thrive.

Insect Biologist

Insect biologists study the behavior and biology of insects, including their role in agriculture.

They work to develop new pest control methods that are effective and environmentally friendly.

International Agriculture Trade Specialist

International agriculture trade specialists work to promote the import and export of agricultural products between countries.

They monitor trade regulations and work to negotiate favorable trade agreements.

Inspection Agent

Inspection agents work to ensure that agricultural products meet quality standards and are safe for consumption.

They inspect crops, livestock, and other agricultural products to ensure that they meet regulatory guidelines.

Irrigation Manager

Irrigation managers oversee irrigation systems on farms and other agricultural operations.

They manage workers, ensure that systems are functioning properly, and develop plans to conserve water and other resources.

Invasive Species Control Specialist

Invasive species control specialists work to control the spread of invasive plants and animals that can harm native species and crops.

They develop strategies for controlling invasive species and work to educate farmers and others on prevention methods.


There are several ag jobs that start with I to consider if you’re interested in a career in agriculture.

From managing irrigation systems to studying insects, there are many exciting opportunities to explore in this industry.