Agriculture Jobs That Start With R

Agriculture jobs that start with R cover a wide range of roles in the industry, from research and development to management and production.

Lets jump right in and explore some of the ag jobs that start with R:

Research Scientist

Research scientists in agriculture study plant and animal biology, genetics, and physiology to develop new methods for increasing productivity and sustainability.

They may work for universities, government agencies, or private companies.

Ranch Manager

A ranch manager in agriculture is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of a ranch, including managing workers, coordinating activities, and overseeing production.

Rural Appraiser

A rural appraiser in agriculture is responsible for estimating the value of farmland and other rural properties.

They may work for banks, government agencies, or private firms.

Regulatory Compliance Specialist

A regulatory compliance specialist in agriculture is responsible for ensuring that agricultural products and facilities comply with regulations and standards.

They may work for government agencies or private companies.

Repair Technician

Repair technicians in agriculture are responsible for repairing and maintaining agricultural equipment and machinery, such as tractors and irrigation systems.

They may work for equipment dealerships or repair shops.

Ranch Hand

A ranch hand in agriculture is responsible for assisting with various tasks on a ranch, such as feeding and caring for livestock, maintaining equipment, and repairing fences.

They may work for small family-owned ranches or large commercial operations.


There are many agriculture jobs that start with R, and they all play an important role in the success of the industry.

Whether you’re interested in research, management, repair, or production, there are opportunities to explore in the agricultural sector.


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