Agriculture Jobs That Start With S

Agriculture is a diverse and important industry that provides a wide range of career opportunities.

Let’s explore some of the ag jobs that start with S:

Soil Scientist

Soil scientists in agriculture study the physical, chemical, and biological properties of soil to help farmers and land managers make informed decisions about crop production and conservation practices.

Seed Analyst

Seed analysts in agriculture are responsible for testing and analyzing seeds to ensure that they meet quality standards and regulations.

They may work for seed companies or government agencies.

Sales Representative

Sales representatives in agriculture are responsible for selling agricultural products and services, such as seeds, fertilizer, and equipment, to farmers and other customers.

They may work for agricultural suppliers or equipment dealerships.

Sustainable Agriculture Specialist

Sustainable agriculture specialists in agriculture work to develop and promote sustainable agricultural practices that conserve natural resources and promote environmental stewardship.

Swine Herd Manager

Swine herd managers in agriculture are responsible for managing the health and productivity of swine herds.

They may work for large commercial hog farms or small family-owned operations.


Surveyors in agriculture are responsible for measuring and mapping agricultural lands, determining property boundaries, and preparing legal descriptions.

They may work for surveying firms or government agencies.

Sprayer Operator

Sprayer operators in agriculture are responsible for applying pesticides and other chemicals to crops to control pests and diseases.

They may work for large commercial farming operations or custom spraying companies.

Sow Farm Manager

Sow farm managers in agriculture are responsible for overseeing the management and production of breeding sows.

They are in charge of ensuring the health and welfare of the animals, as well as the overall productivity of the farm.

Sow Farm Worker

Sow farm workers in agriculture work under the supervision of the sow farm manager and are responsible for the day-to-day care of breeding sows.

This includes tasks such as feeding, cleaning, and monitoring the health of the animals.


Agriculture jobs that start with S are numerous, and each plays a vital role in the industry.

From soil scientists to sprayer operators, sustainable agriculture specialists to surveyors, and swine herd managers to sow farm workers and managers, the range of opportunities in agriculture is diverse and wide-ranging.


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