From Almonds to Oranges: Exploring California’s Top 10 Crops

When it comes to agricultural abundance, California reigns supreme as the cornucopia of the United States.

California farms have been busy as you’ll see in the list below!

The Top 10 Crops in California in 2021 (Most Recent Data)

1. Grapes

California’s vineyards yield a cornucopia of grapes, making it the top grape producer in the United States.

From table grapes to wine grapes, California’s sunny days and cool nights create the perfect conditions for these juicy gems to thrive.

2. Almonds

Known as California’s “nutty treasure,” almonds claim the throne as the state’s leading crop.

These crunchy powerhouses dominate the agricultural scene, with vast orchards spread across the Central Valley. Fun fact: California produces a whopping 80% of the world’s almonds!

3. Strawberries

California’s coastal regions and fertile valleys are a haven for strawberries.

The state’s long growing season and favorable weather conditions allow for continuous production, making it the leading strawberry producer in the country.

4. Pistachios

These tiny green powerhouses have become a Californian specialty. Boasting a rich, nutty flavor, California’s pistachios are a popular snack worldwide.

The state’s arid climate provides ideal growing conditions, leading to bountiful harvests.

5. Lettuce

Salads across the nation owe a debt of gratitude to California’s lettuce industry.

With an impressive variety of lettuce types, from crisp romaine to delicate butterhead, California reigns as the lettuce capital of the United States.

6. Tomatoes

Whether they end up in a refreshing salad, a tangy salsa, or a rich pasta sauce, California’s tomatoes are famous for their flavor and versatility.

The state’s sunny climate and well-drained soils contribute to the production of plump and juicy tomatoes year-round.

7. Walnuts

California’s fertile soils and Mediterranean climate are perfect for nurturing walnut trees.

As a result, the Golden State claims the crown as the largest walnut producer in the United States. Whether enjoyed on their own or as an ingredient in various recipes, California walnuts are highly sought after.

8. Rice

Amidst the sea of vibrant crops, there’s one grain that quietly claims its spot as a top contender in California’s agricultural tapestry—rice.

With sprawling fields stretching across the Sacramento Valley and other regions of the state, California’s rice industry flourishes, making its mark on both the local economy and the nation’s food supply.

9. Oranges

California’s sunny groves burst with vibrant oranges, filling the air with their invigorating fragrance. T

he state’s citrus industry flourishes, producing a significant portion of the country’s orange crop.

From refreshing juice to zesty culinary delights, California oranges are cherished far and wide.

10. Hay

While often overshadowed by the more glamorous crops, hay quietly plays a crucial role in California’s thriving livestock industry.

Sprawling fields across the state are dedicated to growing this essential forage crop, providing sustenance for cattle, horses, and other livestock.


These ten crops are just a glimpse into California’s agricultural prowess.

The Golden State’s dedication to sustainable farming practices and its commitment to innovation ensure a steady supply of high-quality produce that not only satisfies local appetites but also finds its way to dinner tables around the globe.

If you’re hungry for more detailed information on California’s agricultural achievements, we invite you to explore the source we used to compile this list: California Department of Food And Agriculture