Tractor spraying chemicals

Custom Applicator Career Overview

What is a custom applicator?

A custom applicator is responsible for maintaining the equipment used to spray crops and applying fertilizer or pesticides effectively.

This also includes mixing, loading and applying said pesticides at approved rates. All while keeping good records and communicating with customers.

There’s also a fair amount of different equipment they operate. This includes trucks, spreaders and sprayers.

Responsibilities: In addition to the duties listed above:

  • Must get re-certified every two years for their safety training / spraying license
  • Deliver bulk chemicals
  • Work with customers to establish an application schedule
  • Maintain proper application records
  • Be knowledgeable of the chemicals they work with, including fertilizer and pesticide

How to become a custom applicator

The first step would be to take some high school courses such as biology, science, chemistry, business, and agricultural education.

The next would be to obtain certification as a commercial applicator. An associate degree would be helpful but not required to obtain a job.

Recommended associations and organizations

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