Dairy cow

Dairy Farm Worker Career Overview

A dairy farm worker is in charge of providing care to a herd of dairy cows in order to produce as much milk as possible.

In order to do that, they handle all aspects of milking: keeping accurate records, maintaining equipment, planning feed schedules and working with veterinarians to keep cows in good shape.

What responsibilities do dairy farm workers have?

In addition to the above responsibilities, dairy farmers also have to do the following:

  • Administer medication (including vaccinations)
  • Clean up any waste
  • Consult with nutritionists for optimized feeding plans and milk production
  • Taking milk samples
  • Cleaning milk tanks after they’re emptied
  • Work in breeding programs
  • Help feeding calves

The day to day operations can vary depending on the size of the farm. For smaller operations, dairy workers may be milking cows by hand.

In larger farming operations, the equipment maintenance may be the bigger responsibility.

How to become a dairy farm worker

Getting hands on experience working on a farm is crucial to becoming a dairy farmer.

Youth programs and organizations like 4-H clubs or Future Farmers of America are great opportunities.

A lot of dairy farmers also have two to four year degrees in animal science, dairy science, or agriculture, but this is usually not required.

Work opportunities

Dairy farm workers can work for smaller or larger farming operations.

Professional dairy farm worker associations and organizations

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