Farm Equipment Operator Career Overview

Farm equipment operators are in charge of operating farm machinery such as tractors, rake operators, hay balers, cutters and more.

They have to be comfortable using any machine used to plant and harvest crops, tilling soil, or feeding livestock.

What responsibilities do farm equipment operators have?

In addition to the above responsibilities, equipment operators may also have the following responsibilities:

  • Apply pesticides and fertilizers
  • Supervise employees using equipment to plant and harvest crops
  • Use equipment to plant crops
  • Prepare land for planting crops
  • Perform routine maintenance on machinery

How to become an equipment operator

A high school education with high school courses such as science, mathematics, and agriculture education.

On the job experience is key in this role. A pesticide certification may be required for some roles depending on job duties.

Work opportunities

Equipment operators have a variety of work opportunities:

  • Government agencies for land upkeep
  • Farms of all sizes
  • Fertilizer manufacturers

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