Man holding hay bale over his head

Farm Hand Career Overview

Farm hands have a wide range of duties on the farm, including feeding and watering animals, cleaning facilities, planting crops, harvesting and more.

What responsibilities do farm hands have?

In addition to the above responsibilities, farm hands may also have the following responsibilities:

  • Administer medicine to animals
  • Help during animal births
  • Repair fences and other enclosures
  • Spraying crops
  • Create feeding schedules for livestock
  • Maintaining farm equipment
  • Cleaning stalls / facilities
  • Moving animals to different areas

How to become a farm hand

A high school education with high school courses such as science, mathematics, and agriculture education.

On the job experience is key in this role. It requires a lot of physical stamina as well as being able to work as part of a team.

Sometimes there is travel involved as farms are often not close to cities.

Work opportunities

Farm hands can work on different types of farms. General, poultry, or dairy farms are common options.

It’s not unusual for farm hands to move into farm management roles or even start their own farming operations.

It’s a great profession to learn the ins and outs of farm life before choosing an area to specialize in.

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