Irrigation system

Irrigation Specialist Career Overview

What is an irrigation specialist?

Irrigation specialists take care of irrigation systems to help farmers have a bigger harvest or maintain their grounds. That means taking care of the following things for irrigation systems:

  • Maintenance
  • Operation
  • Programming
  • Sales

What does an irrigation specialist do?

In addition to the above, they also have the following job responsibilities:

  • Leadership experience to guide a crew
  • Keeping a system up and running (welding experience is a huge plus here)
  • Ground preparation for irrigation line installation
  • Planning water schedules with other managers
  • Give suggestions to improve current irrigation needs, highly dependent on the industry

How to become an irrigation specialist

At the minimum, a high school diploma.

Depending on what type of career you want, a degree in landscape architecture or turf grass management could make that more achievable.

Work opportunities

Irrigation specialists can expect plenty of work to come from produce companies, landscaping companies, golf courses and farms.

However, they can also further specialize in product development, marketing or sales.

Professional associations and organizations

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