Rooster feeding

Poultry Farm Worker Career Overview

A poultry farm worker works in the daily tasks of the farm. Performing maintenance on watering, heating and the housing if needed.

Typical duties may include collecting eggs, feeding the flock, and checking on birds to ensure they’re healthy.

What responsibilities do poultry farm workers have?

In addition to the above responsibilities, poultry farm workers may also have the following responsibilities:

  • Adjust lighting as necessary for birds
  • Cleaning and sorting eggs after collection
  • Follow cleanliness procedures for entering and exiting houses
  • Manage facility temperature to keep birds healthy and comfortable
  • Routine checks to identify injured and sick birds
  • Guarantee birds can get to food and water
  • Provide the highest standards of animal welfare possible

How to become a poultry farm worker

A high school diploma along with having taken courses in biology, animal science, and agricultural education.

While not required in every instance, an associate degree in animal husbandry or animal science can be beneficial.

Work opportunities

Poultry farm workers typically work on small to mid size farms directly under farmers.

Some may find opportunities in larger operations as well.

Professional associations and organizations

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