Rancher with a lasso

Ranch Manager Career Overview

Ranch managers are in charge of farm operations that raise cattle and other livestock.

If the ranch is smaller, they might be a part of every aspect of raising cattle and maintaining the ranch.

What responsibilities do ranch managers have?

In addition to the above responsibilities, ranch managers may also have the following responsibilities:

  • Hiring, training, and managing employees
  • Purchasing supplies and equipment
  • Performing maintenance of animal enclosures
  • Staying on top of livestock raising to meet market expectations and government regulations
  • Oversee the care and production of livestock and any other animals on the ranch
  • Buying and selling livestock
  • Budgeting and making projections for markets

How to become a ranch manager

A high school diploma is the minimum education requirement. For smaller operations, ranch managers can rise through the ranks by getting lots of first hand experience.

This experience can be gained by becoming an apprentice or working on a family farm.

For larger operations, a bachelor’s degree in farm management, dairy science, animal science, or agricultural science can be important.

Work opportunities

Ranch managers typically own their own operation or work for large cattle companies.

Professional associations and organizations

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