Career Overviews

Man holding hay bale over his head

Farm Hand

Farm hands have a wide range of duties on the farm, including feeding and watering animals, cleaning facilities, planting crops, harvesting and more. What responsibilities do farm hands have? In addition to the above responsibilities, farm hands may also have the following responsibilities: Administer medicine to animals Help during animal births Repair fences and other …

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Farm Equipment Operator

Farm equipment operators are in charge of operating farm machinery such as tractors, rake operators, hay balers, cutters and more. They have to be comfortable using any machine used to plant and harvest crops, tilling soil, or feeding livestock. What responsibilities do farm equipment operators have? In addition to the above responsibilities, equipment operators may …

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Drone being used for precision agriculture

Precision Agriculture Specialist

Precision agriculture specialists give farmers guidance and technical support to farmers using precision technologies. This involves contouring differential GPS for map creation as well as for collecting soil samples. What responsibilities do precision agriculture specialists have? In addition to the above responsibilities, precision agriculture specialists may also have the following responsibilities: Use GPS data to …

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Rancher with a lasso

Ranch Manager

Ranch managers are in charge of farm operations that raise cattle and other livestock. If the ranch is smaller, they might be a part of every aspect of raising cattle and maintaining the ranch. What responsibilities do ranch managers have? In addition to the above responsibilities, ranch managers may also have the following responsibilities: Hiring, …

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Rooster feeding

Poultry Farm Worker

A poultry farm worker works in the daily tasks of the farm. Performing maintenance on watering, heating and the housing if needed. Typical duties may include collecting eggs, feeding the flock, and checking on birds to ensure they’re healthy. What responsibilities do poultry farm workers have? In addition to the above responsibilities, poultry farm workers …

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Feed mill

Feed Mill Operator

A feed mill operator handles receiving, conveying, and mixing to create feed as orders are made. They also keep track of inventory to ensure smooth feed production, which involves sourcing raw materials. What responsibilities do feed mill operators have? In addition to the above responsibilities, feed mill operators also have to do the following: Prioritize …

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Dairy cow

Dairy Farm Worker

A dairy farm worker is in charge of providing care to a herd of dairy cows in order to produce as much milk as possible. In order to do that, they handle all aspects of milking: keeping accurate records, maintaining equipment, planning feed schedules and working with veterinarians to keep cows in good shape. What …

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Man driving truck

Farm Truck Driver

Farm truck drivers are the transportation element of a farming operation. They’re in charge of transporting meats and milk to processing plants as well as receiving product. That means making sure it gets there in the right condition and completing the necessary delivery forms. What responsibilities does a farm truck driver have? In addition to …

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farmer at work

Row Crop Producer / Farmer

A farmer (or row crop producer) plants and harvests row crops. Traditionally, that means: Potatoes Corn Soybeans Wheat Canola Cotton Sunflowers and more. This is done either independently for a farm they own or for a larger company. What does a row crop producer do? To get more specific about the first section, farmers also …

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Irrigation system

Irrigation Specialist

What is an irrigation specialist? Irrigation specialists take care of irrigation systems to help farmers have a bigger harvest or maintain their grounds. That means taking care of the following things for irrigation systems: Maintenance Operation Programming Sales What does an irrigation specialist do? In addition to the above, they also have the following job …

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