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    California’s agricultural industry is a major player in the state’s economy and for the United States as a whole, with more than 76,400 farms and ranches generating a whopping $ 100 billion in agriculture-related businesses each year.

    One of only five agricultural regions in the world with a growing Mediterranean climate, California produces more than 400 basic animals and plants annually, more than any other state, with premium products including milk, almonds, grapes, beef and even more. Additionally, two-thirds of the country’s fruit and nuts and more than a third of its vegetables are produced on California farms alone.

    California is not only a major contributor to the agricultural industry in the country, but also internationally.

    The state had an agricultural export value of $ 21.9 billion in 2014, which was nearly 15 percent of the nation’s total agricultural exports that year.

    No wonder the Golden State has been named the country’s top agricultural producing state for the past five decades.