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    About Agriculture Jobs in Kansas

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    Kansas agriculture continues to be a vital force in the state’s economy, bringing in dollars and providing many jobs. Being the largest industry in Kansas, agriculture accounts for over 40% of the total economy, and according to the most recent statistics, there are 58,300 farms in the state that produce and raise the best crops and livestock.

    The main staple products of the sunflower state include cattle and calves, wheat, corn, sorghum and soy.

    The state’s nickname comes from another major crop, as Kansas ranks fourth in the nation for sunflower production. Kansas is in the Animal Health Corridor, which is the largest concentration of animal health interests in the world. Exports are another important part of the industry, worth $ 3.8 billion in 2017.

    But agriculture in Kansas is more than just agriculture and includes agribusiness, research and education, food production and processing, renewable energy production, and much more.