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    About Agriculture Jobs in Louisiana

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    Agriculture is one of the largest industries in Louisiana, ranked in the top three along with the petrochemical industry and tourism. About 30,000 farms work to produce agricultural products on over 8 million acres of agricultural land. Also important is forestry, including in the agricultural sector: the state has nearly 14 million acres of forest.

    41% of the country’s wetlands are found in the Pelican State, which also has the third longest coastline in the country with a length of 7,721 miles, according to NOAA. The state’s commercial fishing produces 25% of all seafood in the nation, placing Louisiana first in the production of lobster, shrimp, alligator, maenads and oysters.

    Poultry products are also important, along with rice, corn, sugar cane, soybeans, and cattle and calves. Want to liven up a meal? Louisiana will thrill you – it’s the main source of Tabasco peppers.