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    About Agriculture Jobs in Michigan

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    Michigan, one of the most agriculturally diverse states in the country, is full of opportunities. The food and agricultural industry contributes more than $ 104.7 billion to Michigan’s economy each year and leads the nation in producing various crops, including asparagus, sour cherries and blueberries, beans, cucumbers, Niagara grapes, and squash.

    These crops are grown on the state’s 46,500 farms, which have an average size of 211 acres and cover 9.8 million acres statewide. In all, Michigan farmers produce more than 300 staple foods commercially, from pork and poultry to cabbage and carrots.

    These products are not only popular with state residents, but people around the world as well, as Michigan exports about a third of its agricultural production, generating $ 1.8 billion. Major export markets in 2020 included Canada, Mexico, South Korea, Japan and China.

    Being one of the oldest industries in the state, agriculture is more than just crops and commodities, as it encompasses many different areas such as research and innovation, agribusiness and manufacturing, agricultural education, and agritourism.