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    About Agriculture Jobs in Mississippi

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    From the Mississippi Delta to the Gulf Coast, agriculture is big business in every region of the Magnolia State. In fact, it is industry No. 1 of Mississippi, with an annual contribution of more than $ 7.35 billion to the economy. Approximately 34,700 farms spread over 10.4 million acres, with an average size of 300 acres.

    Agriculture is important in Mississippi’s 82 counties, with industry employing about 17.4% of the state’s workforce, directly and indirectly. These workers include everyone from food processors and restaurants offering local ingredients to hardworking farmers who care for the land and produce some of the best agricultural produce in the state.

    Poultry and eggs, forest products, soybeans, cotton and corn complete Mississippi’s top five commodities, with poultry alone earning $ 1.39 million.

    Encompassing more than crops and commodities, the Mississippi agricultural industry encompasses everything from agricultural education and agritourism to conservation efforts and innovation.

    Mississippi farmers are adapting to a changing world to bring agriculture to the fore, including incorporating social media efforts into their marketing, collaborating to support each other in tough times, and thinking outside the box to diversify. their operations.