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    About Agriculture Jobs in Missouri

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    Missouri has a great agricultural tradition and a bright future. Show Me State is home to over 100,000 farms, covering two-thirds of the state’s total land area and supporting many of the state’s major agricultural products, including soy, corn, cattle and calves, pigs and turkeys. On average, Missouri farms are about 269 acres, and nearly all of them are family-owned.

    Missouri’s soil contributes greatly to its agricultural diversity. Fertile soil, ideal for growing crops, abounds throughout the state. The Ozark Plateau, the largest part of Missouri, is covered in forested hills and is known for its great lakes and sparkling rivers.

    In the Booheel region, aptly named for its distinctive shape, rich farmland supports crops ranging from cotton and rice to corn and soybeans. This varied terrain allows the state to grow many different and unexpected crops, including several unique grape varieties that produce rich and flavorful Missouri wines.

    That fertile land helps produce Missouri’s main crops: soybeans and corn.