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    About Agriculture Jobs in North Carolina

    We feature the best agriculture jobs in North Carolina with new jobs being posted weekly.

    From majestic mountains to coastal plains, North Carolina’s agriculture can be described in one word: diverse.

    The state’s 46,000 farms produce the best commodities and harvests for North Carolina and beyond, with a typical 182-acre average-sized farm. Agricultural land represents 8.4 million acres of state-owned land.

    Agriculture and agribusiness provide 772,000 jobs, or 17.5% of total jobs, for North Carolina and have a combined economic impact of $ 92.7 billion. An agricultural leader in the United States, North Carolina is in the top five in several commodities, including: No. 1 in sweet potatoes; n. 2 in turkeys; n. 3 in pigs and pigs; n. 4 in cucumbers and broilers; and n. 5 in peanuts, mountain cotton, peppers and burley tobacco.

    But more than just crops and commodities, North Carolina agriculture encompasses everything from agricultural education to agribusiness and value-added food, to agritourism, aquaculture, innovation, research, food safety and sustainability.