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    Oregon’s great agricultural diversity is no secret.

    With over 35,000 farms covering a whopping 16.3 million acres, the state produces more than 220 staples. Much of Oregon’s agricultural success is the unique attributes of its different growing regions.

    Oregon’s delicious seafood, including salmon, albacore tuna, Dungeness crab, pink shrimp, oysters, and more, comes from the coastal region. Tasty and award-winning cheeses are also produced here.

    The Willamette Valley region is one of the most agriculturally diverse in Oregon and in the world. Willamette Valley farmers produce more than 170 different products, from grains, grass seeds, nurseries and Christmas trees to fresh produce, nuts, cattle and sheep.

    Other large regions include Mid-Columbia, Central Oregon, Columbia Plateau, Northeast Oregon, Southeastern Oregon, and Southern Oregon.