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    Tennessee’s agricultural industry supports the life of the state by providing food, fuel, and fiber to its citizens along with the rest of the world. The state is home to 69,500 farms spread over 10.8 million acres. The average farm size in Tennessee is approximately 155 acres.

    In a typical year, Tennessee’s agriculture and forestry sectors contribute $ 81 billion to the economy and employ approximately 342,000 people. Major products include soy and corn, cotton, hay, wheat and tobacco.

    Nationally, Tennessee ranks third in tobacco production and fourth in number of goats. According to the most recent Census of Agriculture, farm and ranch produce in the state was $ 3.1 billion.

    Along with major commodities, nationwide, Tennessee ranks 4th for growers in military service, 8th for new and novice growers, and 13th for young growers (aged 35 and under). years).