Agriculture Teacher in Lonoke, AR 72086

Lonoke School District

Essential Tasks and Responsibilities:

Focus on excellence in classroom/laboratory instruction, supervised agricultural education experience and FFA student organization activities
Maintain and monitor the Agricultural Sciences on campus, in the greenhouse, including all supplies related to it
Provide students the opportunity to explore hundreds of career options available in agriculture and to assist them in planning for a future career
Train students the technical skills needed to be successful in an agricultural career; to connect students to the real world of work through rigorous and relevant hands-on learning experiences and supervised agricultural experience programs
Offer students leadership and personal development training needed to succeed in a career, including but not limited to: teamwork, problem-solving, analysis and communications
Enable students to compete in the global economy by increasing international understanding
Empower students through community development projects that involve students, parents, business leaders, civic organizations, school leaders and other stakeholders
Teach local day agriculture classes
Prepare and evaluate teaching schedule, curriculum, and calendars
Plan and conduct meaningful field trips, both in and out of district, to enhance the program
Secure materials for resale to students for projects (e.g. welding metal, wood, etc.)
Prepare teaching plans, demonstration plans, and teaching materials for all classes
Visit studentsÂ’ SAE projects once per semester and at least once during the summer, or a minimum of 180 visits per year
Assist students in keeping SAE records on AET
Assist students in exhibiting livestock, crops and agricultural mechanics projects at fairs and shows
Serve as a chapter FFA advisor
Assist students in coordinating FFA activities in the following areas: local, sub-area, district, state and national levels
Prepare, train and enter CDE and LDE teams
Assist students in preparing applications for proficiency awards, State and American Degrees, etc.
Assist students in conducting a public relations program for the local FFA chapter and agriculture department
Adhere to all policies of the District and the Code of Ethics for Arkansas Educators
Performs other related tasks as assigned by the Principal and other central office administrators, as designated by the Superintendent