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Job Description

From assessing to implementing, Eldon C. Stutsman, Inc. in Hills, Iowa is hiring for an Agronomy Sales Representative to help customers find agronomic solutions to fit their needs.

In this role, you will examine, research, and solve problems related to crop management, output, and quality. You will also develop tailored agronomic approaches and oversee interventions on behalf of the company.

To be a successful agronomist, you should be focused on developing and promoting better farming practices. A top-notch agronomist should be self-motivated, detail-oriented, and analytical with excellent listening, communication, and problem-solving skills.

Agronomist Responsibilities:

  • Developing better planting, cultivation, and harvesting techniques, improving crop yield, and solving problems for clients.
  • Researching and promoting agricultural strategies to counter the effects of changes in soil, climate, weather, and pest damage.
  • Visiting fields to collect seed, plant, and soil samples.
  • Testing samples for nutritional deficiencies, diseases, or other changes.
  • Assisting with the plant sourcing, testing, and selection.
  • Keeping detailed records regarding fields, customers, crops, and samples.
  • Generating reports and presenting findings to management, clients, or other interested parties.
  • Conducting training on products and techniques through educational presentations.
  • Managing teams of scientists while conducting field visits or laboratory work.
  • Developing planting and irrigation schedules, budgets, and timelines.

Agronomist Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in agronomy, agriculture, or a related field.
  • Further education and experience may be preferred.
  • Additional certifications may be required.
  • Valid driver’s license and willingness to travel.
  • Ability to work outside, stand, walk, kneel, and stoop for extended periods.
  • Proficiency with computers, especially MS Office and diagnostic scientific software.
  • Exceptional active listening and verbal and written communication skills.
  • Strong research, decision making, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.
  • Awareness of industry trends, technology, and developments.
  • Sales and presentation skills.

Working Conditions:

  • Ability to work in a non-climate controlled environment.
  • Sitting for extended periods of time.
  • Ability to frequently and repeatedly walk, bend, stoop, climb, reach, push, pull, and lift 80 lbs. from floor to waist level.
  • Must wear proper personal protective equipment, safety shoes and protective eyewear, when required.
  • Ability to lift a minimum of 50 pounds daily.

Custom Applicator Benefits:

  • Competitive wage based on experience.
  • Full benefits package.
  • Team culture.
  • Annual and specialized custom training for licenses and knowledge provided.
  • Stipend for Company apparel.
  • Up to date diagnostic tools and specialty tools provided.
  • Food/beverage stations available on Company site.

Who We Are:

While running his normal milk route in 1934, Eldon Stutsman’s neighbors started asking him to bring supplies back from town. With a desire to serve others, Eldon was glad to oblige. The requests kept coming and a company was born.

What started as just a man and a truck is now Eastern Iowa’s largest family-owned supplier of wholesale and retail agriculture products and services.

Our strength is in our diversity. Our 200+ employees have extensive experience in agronomy services, manure handling equipment, feed ingredient distribution, transportation, logistics, precision & application equipment, and grain handling equipment.

Headquartered in Hills, Iowa, we are ideally located to serve not only Iowa but the Midwest.

It has forever been in our company’s DNA to passionately serve our customers, community, and industry for success. From that tradition, we have been (and still are) driven to not only change to keep up with the times but to be innovative enough to stay ahead; all to better serve our customers while staying rooted to who we are.

As practices, equipment, and technology continue to advance and shift, we can guarantee our tradition of serving for success remains the same; just as it has since 1934.


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Eldon C. Stutsman, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer