Assistant Grower in Hillsboro, OR

Iwasaki Bros., Inc.

Job Description

We are looking to hire an Assistant Greenhouse Grower Supervisor.
Has advanced knowledge of crop culture, timing, and health issues to ensure quality at each stage of the growing process. Assist grower in managing assigned crops to meet sales-ready projections by following established crop schedules.
Oversees productivity, the accuracy of plantings, spacing, and sales area quality, makes adjustments to procedures, when necessary with the supervisor’s approval. Apply chemicals under a licensed applicator. Operate all equipment.
Able to train, supervise, schedule, direct multiple crews, and coordinate distribution of labor in English and Spanish. Must have basic mechanical skills, good organizational skills, read, write and count accurately. Must understand; follow procedure and chain of command then, direct laborers accordingly. Consistent productivity is expected.
  • Oversees assigned crops. Work from crop schedules and follows protocols to make independent crop care decisions; organize and prioritize daily tasks; and assist in the adjustment of the crew, with the grower. Provides detailed instruction for a clear understanding of expectations and work performance. Reports to supervisor all crop issues and personnel needs, as they occur.
  • Directs and oversees the finished stage growing process. Ensures timely spacing and condensing of crops. Monitors pest and disease, irrigation, fertilization. Coordinates clean up of growing areas. Monitors greenhouse functions and notify supervisor for adjustments.
  • Coordinates weekly plantings with Transplant Supervisor or Assistant Transplant Supervisor in Supervisor’s absence. Evaluates space needs and ensures proper placement of planted crops in growing areas. Work from transplant reports. Verify shipments and organize plant material (i.e. cuttings, seeds, and liners); accounts for accurate paperwork, and follows receiving procedures protocol.
  • Responsible for proper operation and utilization of irrigation systems.
  • Work from committed items reports to oversee the process of maintaining adequate inventories in the sales-ready area. Coordinates with Shipping in supplying product timely. Makes adjustments to inventory and runs reports in industry-specific software.
  • Oversees sales-ready area setup for crops. Ensures that product meets sales-ready criteria (i.e. correctly tagged, irrigation, no weeds or pests, and contain proper signage).
  • Applies chemicals, as directed by Grower. Follows established chemical application protocols and procedures.
  • Trains and oversees level 1 through 2B employees in required production skills (i.e. crop and plant id, weeds, pests, irrigation, fertilizer, and chemicals).
  • Communicate to the appropriate chain of command effectively between Production and other departments to maintain efficiencies.
  • Assists Grower in scheduling and distributing labor for regular and weekend shifts.
  • Perform counseling and disciplinary corrections as needed with the grower. Work with Grower to document performance issues. Assist with employee reviews for levels 1 through 2B.
  • Able to operate all equipment and vehicles assigned with training/certification. Able to train employees on the use of equipment, vehicle, and tools.
  • When used, check and record the conditions of all vehicles. Fuel vehicles, as necessary.
  • Promote company safety culture and policies. Ensure employees are appropriately using required PPE for tasks. Report safety issues to supervisor.
  • Safeguards all section equipment/tools and returns to proper storage.
  • Other related work duties required by supervisor.
  • Assists other departments when workload requires, at the direction of supervisor.
  • Adheres to all company policies.
  • Advanced production skills including identification of a variety of crops as well as weeds and pests with minimal supervision.
  • Direct and train multiple crews, delegate tasks and monitor their work for quality and productivity per management guidelines. Must be able to assist and supervise crews according to daily needs. Communicate issues with Grower.
  • Able to organize and prioritize daily tasks.
  • Ability to irrigate plants at an advanced level.
  • Able to communicate in English and Spanish to provide direction and communication within the various departments. Work well and communicate with other employees.
  • Ability to use intermediate math to count products and measure accurately. Intermediate reading and writing skills.
  • Intermediate computer skills. Able to input and maintain department databases, use word processing, spreadsheet, and industry-specific software.
  • Ability to operate all vehicles. Demonstrates safe working habits in all tasks, including reporting all accidents, property damage, problems with vehicles and equipment immediately to supervisor.
Job Type: Full-time
Drug-Free Workplace – pre-employment drug test.

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