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Reporting directly to the CES Director, the Director of Regenerative Agriculture is a key member of CES’s leadership team who will work to enhance the Center’s research mission within the rich agricultural community throughout Maryland. The Director will foster research, teaching, and innovation around sustainable agriculture, as it relates both to small scale farming and developing realistic solutions to diversify large scale, row cropping. CES seeks applicants knowledgeable of current trends in food production and sustainable agriculture who approach research with an interdisciplinary lens. The Director of Regenerative Agriculture will cultivate a dynamic learning environment that is informed by a wide variety of disciplines including agricultural science and policy, behavioral science, physical sciences, economics of contemporary foodways, health sciences, ecology, and gastronomy. There are a range of local topics of interest and importance including, but not limited to, food sovereignty, production of value-added products, and fostering the establishment of the next generation of farmers. Research will occur in coordination with local farms, as well as on the college-owned River and Field Campus that boasts 2,600 acres of farmland. The Director is expected to engage with community partners, including local farmers, NGOs, government agencies, and other stakeholders to create an informed and locally applicable research program. The Director of Regenerative Agriculture would have the opportunity to link to studies in environmental science, biology, and business. Example programs we are interested in co-developing as part of a regenerative agriculture program are, but not limited to, seed banks, community kitchens, artisanal food processing, and incubator farms. Affiliation with appropriate department(s) would
be negotiated on hire. The development of this program is important in establishing the Center’s research agenda around the food-water-land nexus and thus, resources will be allocated for continued support.

Washington College’s new strategic plan includes sustainability, inclusivity, and civic engagement as key pillars for operations and academics. Together with undergraduate research mentorship, candidates should be interested and experienced in developing student-centered, trans- or interdisciplinary and collaborative research projects relevant to identified partners.

Develop an applied research agenda inclusive of undergraduate students and external partners that results in a variety of potential research products, such as scientific and popular publications, data visualizations, briefs, reports, products, patents, copyrights.
Collaborate closely with Washington College faculty, academic programs and departments, ensuring CES enjoys strong relationships across the institution and the greater community
Participate in and foster a team-oriented, transdisciplinary, and collaborative culture at CES
Teach one course per year to develop interest and capacity of students to engage in research and scholarship at CES
Mentor student projects and internships, and support students professional development
Represent CES and communicate research to multiple internal and external audiences
Successful seek external funding, individually and/or as a part of research teams
Collaborate with community partners to develop farming practices, research programs, and communicate information out to stakeholders
Work with CES Director to align with strategic goals of the Center and College
Report annually on activities
Manage the budget and assets of the Regenerative Agriculture program
Contribute to the larger mission of CES in service to the Center and the College

A PhD in a relevant field, such as Agricultural Science, Agronomy, Biology, Environmental Science, Sustainability is required
At least five years of professional experience in higher education or research in any sector, particularly transdisciplinary research or team science
Experience with mentoring undergraduates in research
Teaching experience
Experience with knowledge creation and research for innovation, such as in incubators or makerspaces, in non-profit or for-profit settings
Excellent written and oral communication skills
Track record of earning extramural funding through grant writing
Track record of research productivity
Proven experience building interdisciplinary, national or international partnerships across private and public sector stakeholders
Demonstrative lab management skills
Experience with philanthropic donations is preferred, but not required

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