Farm Equipment Operator in Lindon, CO

Kalcevic Farms

Full Job Description

We’re hiring a Farm Equipment Operator to join our team in Lindon, CO (about 90 miles east of Denver). In this role you will be operating state of the art John Deere equipment such as tractors, sprayers, planters, and semis to conduct field work like planting, spraying, tillage and harvest operations.
We offer competitive compensation $50,000 – $75,000 depending on experience, health and dental insurance, paid vacation, company vehicle, bonuses, and 401k. Housing options if qualified.

Welcome to Kalcevic Farms! We are a multi-generational large scale dryland grain farm and ranch. We have farmland across three counties east of Denver Colorado. We produce dryland wheat, corn, milo, millet. In addition to our crops, we also have a 200 head cow/calf operation specializing in registered Red Angus all-natural stock.
We have a very innovative and forward-thinking team that is committed to precision agriculture utilizing state of the art equipment and technology.

What you will be doing:
Operating John Deere equipment such as tractors, sprayers, planters, and driving semis and service wagons.
Conducting field work such as planting, spraying, tillage and harvest operations.
Assist onsite manager with field crop production processes.
Planning of production resources such as manpower, machinery, equipment, tools, facilities, and raw materials needed to implement and execute dryland crop production.
Assist livestock personnel and coordinate crop rotations for livestock production and feed.
Verify and enter accurate data for reporting, inventory and management processes through online apps and computer-generated documents.

This job is for if you have:
3+ years of experience in farm equipment such as sprayers, tractors, planters, and semis. Experience with John Deere equipment is preferred but not required.
Possess product knowledge around large scale farming practices with equipment and storage needs.
Mechanical skills and large equipment maintenance. Welding experience is preferred but not required.
Efficient computer, tablet and in cab technology skills.
Valid driver’s license with a CDL is preferred.
Clean background check and no criminal record.
Three references validated and confirmed.