Farm Worker (homesteader) in Hopkinton, MA

Honey Nut Farm

Honey Nut Farm in Hopkinton MA is looking for a farm worker for a 30 hour per week job to join our transformational project of turning backyards into permaculture food forests.

We are two years into our project with the goal to spend a full year eating only what we grow. Think of the five major food groups. All our sugars will come from honey from our bees and maple syrup from our tapped trees.

Our oils will come from butter from our goat milk and pressed oil from our hazelnuts. Our starches will come from things like potatoes, chestnuts, and sunchokes. Our fruit will come from our endless fruit trees and bushes. Our proteins will come from things like black beans, aquaponic fish, turkey, chicken eggs.

And our vegetables will come from both perennials as well as traditional annuals in a high tunnel and other grow beds. As a knowledge farm, we are hoping to share with others what we are doing in our backyard. Be a part of transforming the world into a grow-local and eat-healthier planet.

The job will be approximately 5 hours a day, 6-days a week and includes milking goats, feeding chickens, tending to about 30 grow beds, harvesting permaculture produce, canning, storing food for the winter and enjoying the food in your home as well!

We as farm owners work two full-time jobs not related to the farm, and will be around on some late afternoons and weekends to put our hands in the soil too. This is a great job for someone who is self-directed and enjoys meditating with nature. Farm experience required. Pay commensurate with experience.

If interested in the opportunity, please send along a cover letter of interest detailing your fit for the position and a resume to David Kraus, Thank you.

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