Lead Farm Educator II (Farm Manager) in Palm City, FL


Agmenity is starting a small-scale, sustainable farm as part of a new community in Palm City, FL (~45 minutes north of West Palm Beach). The Lead Farm Educator II is similar to a Farm Manager position and serves as a critical leadership role who is responsible for the holistic management of the farm’s agricultural production and community programming.

If you have ever been interested in both the beauty and challenges of starting a farm from Day 0, then this is an excellent opportunity to gain first-hand experience in helping to develop a farm from its very beginning.

Agmenity’s leadership team works closely with this position to help support farm decision-making, weekly operations, stakeholder relationships, and overall management needs in order to foster the project’s and team’s collective success as well as to ensure a macro alignment with the company’s vision and philosophy. That said, the Lead Farm Educator is directly responsible for the day-to-day operations of the farm and works alongside a team of Farm Educators to curate a beautiful and productive agricultural space.

This position is a highly physical, hands-on farming job with a significant portion of each day working in the fields in addition to office related duties.

Additionally, farming requires a wide range of specific skill sets, however, it does not typically necessitate the level of interpersonal skills that being a Lead Farm Educator involves. This position will have significant public facing experiences through day-to-day interactions with farm visitors as well as formal tours, classes, and other special events.

Please visit Agmenity’s website for full position description — https://agmenity.com/

Duties (due to the nature of year-round farming this is not an exhaustive list, but should serve as a helpful baseline)

• Managing a team of two full-time Farm Educators to ensure the farm’s macro success related to the growth, harvest and sales of crops; planning and executing successful community programming; creating a healthy, positive, and welcoming environment for both team and community members

• Planting, weeding, harvesting, washing, and distributing produce; working with and maintaining small equipment & tools (including BCS tractor); greenhouse management; tending chickens and potentially other small livestock; among other farm oriented duties & tasks

• Organization and Recordkeeping related to year-round crop planning; sourcing materials, tools, and supplies; expenses and budgeting; and other farm reporting needs

• Developing a high-performance team culture that maintains a disciplined and well-paced work environment and fosters continuous learning, quality of work, and accountability.

• Serving as an Agmenity representative & role model and helping to train, guide, and support the development of individual team member’s skills, knowledge, and abilities.

• Ensuring premium quality of all produce leaving the farm and curating an aesthetically beautiful farm space

• Maintaining sanitary, safe and organized work and storage areas that follow best practices related to the FSMA and local health codes

• Communication with the developer, HOA, project partners, stakeholders, and community members via interpersonal relationships, email, formal public programs, and required attendance at meetings

Lead Farm Educators will work a flexible schedule depending on season and weather but will average 40 – 45 hours a week. They will receive two consecutive days off but due to the community focus of the farm weekend (Saturday- Sunday) work will regularly be required.


Must have the ability to:

• relate to people in an open, friendly, and professional manner

• show understanding, courtesy, empathy, tact, politeness, and concern

• deeply value timeliness, organization, and attention to detail

• work as part of the collective Agmenity team and both give and take directions

• successfully balance, plan, and implement the diverse spectrum of micro needs & tasks of the farm’s everyday with the long-term macro deliverables

• appreciate humility, deep observation, and continuous learning • tolerate weather extremes and do physical labor outdoors year-round

• lift 50 lbs and carry it 40 feet

• cultivate a positive mindset (even when under stress)

• enjoy working in group settings while embodying personal initiative and independence

• communicate clearly, openly and timely

• relate well with people from varied backgrounds and in different life situations

• be open to receiving and sharing feedback

• embody a deep respect and care for your fellow human regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, or diverse mental & physical abilities

The Lead Farm Educator position is a full-time, year-round salaried position with the following compensation & benefits:

• Salary: $55,000 – $64,000
• Cost of Living Stipend (location based for higher cost of living regions)
• Elastic Paid Time Off policy (15+ days)
• Monthly $250 Health Benefit
• Optional Monthly $50 Phone Stipend (dedicated company phone is offered as an alternative)
• Food related benefits including produce, eggs, and other provisions
• Professional development
• Annual Performance Salary Raises as well as Tenure Based Raises

Additionally, reimbursement is offered for any travel related to the hiring process as well as moving and relocation support

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