Ranch Hand (FT) in Lacygne, KS


The Ranch Hand performs general farm work as directed, such as operating and maintaining the operational condition of farm equipment, caring for livestock, mowing and baling hay, etc.


At least three years of experience working on a farm or ranch and performing work such as caring for livestock, fixing fence, cutting trees, mowing and baling hay, etc.
Experience in operating and maintaining farm equipment, such as tractors, mowers, chain saws, etc. is required.


Performs tasks general farm duties as assigned by fixing fence, moving and baling hay, cutting trees, planting forage crops as directed, irrigating and applying fertilizer or chemicals as directed, and plowing, cultivating, and harvesting plantings.
Provides general care to livestock by feeding, providing directed health care, and assisting with breeding, calving, and selling animals.
Safely operates light vehicles and farm machinery such as pick-up trucks, tractors, riding mowers, plows, mowers
Safely operates various types of farm equipment such as post augers, post drivers, portable power tools such as gasoline-operated power tools, sprayers, trimmers, and chain saws, electrically-operated drills and saws
Applies chemicals used in farming and ranching
Performs regular and directed field maintenance by mowing using riding mowers or tractors and gasoline-powered trimmers or chain saws, clearing brush, and setting up, adjusting, repairing, and cleaning irrigation systems.
Ensures that farm machinery, equipment, and tools are operational by performing routine and preventative maintenance and cleaning farm machinery, equipment, and tools and making minor repairs within demonstrated capability.’