Ranch Manager in Valentine, NE

Rocking Arrow Ranch
  • Full Time
  • Valentine, NE
  • $40,000 - $51,000 a year USD / Year
  • This position has been filled

Job description

Seeking Ranch Manager, near Valentine, NE

Does this describe you:

  • Are you looking for a long-term ranch management position?
  • Do you want to learn from one of the best managers to run a cow-calf operation?
  • Do you love the outdoors, cattle, and nature?
  • Are you a self-starter that likes to learn new things?
  • Do you value hard work and enjoy accomplishing tasks?
  • Do you want a long-term future working with cattle?


Rocking Arrow Ranch is a family-owned, multi-generational ranch that dates back to the homestead act. Located 35 miles south of Valentine Nebraska, it is a well-kept ranch with a cumulation of decades of hard work and grit. It currently serves as a commercial cow calf operation that also does artificial insemination and embryo transfer work with an edge for raising excellent commercial calves. The ranch has three homes and an array of buildings nestled in the picturesque Sandhills of Nebraska. With Valentine to north and Thedford to the south, there are several restaurants, grocery stores, great schools*, along with multiple shopping opportunities to choose from. This region is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream – from the rolling sandhills to the winding Niobrara River.

*The school systems are located in Thedford and Valentine with a rural school option for elementary school.


We’re seeking an individual that has experience and the ability to manage a diversified cow calf operation. This includes everything from calving and weaning to haying and grassland management.

The owner has decades of experience and lives onsite, so they will serve as a constant mentor and guide while handling the financial parts of the ranch. The Ranch Manager will work alongside the owner and learn/grow for the first few years so they can eventually take on full management duties. The ultimate goal is that by the end of year three, the Ranch Manager will be making day-to-day decisions independently and working through strategy with the owner on a weekly basis.

There will be one additional employee who the Ranch Manager will have the ability to hire and manage. During peak times, additional help may be brought in as needed to support the operation. This will be a joint decision made by the Ranch Manager and owner.

Ideal Characteristics

  • Willingness to lead
  • Completion of day-to-day tasks and jobs
  • Collaborative and positive attitude
  • Ambitious and resilient
  • Ability to accept feedback
  • Nurturing with animals
  • Work Ethic
  • Communicative
  • Grit
  • Ability to plan out a full week of work and adapt as needed

Core Responsibilities: What you don’t know, we will train!

  • Operating ATVs to sort cattle and perform other duties around the ranch
  • Ability to work on and fix basic equipment breakdowns
  • Familiar with operation of machinery: Which includes tractors, mowing machines, rakes, balers and feeding with loader and bale processors.
  • Knowledge of cattle sorting
  • Knowledge of cattle care and diagnosing health issues
  • Calving experience
  • Assisting with Artificial Insemination (AI) during peak seasons
  • Prairie grass haying in late summer and early fall
  • Able and willing to maintain both barb wire and electric fence at a high level
  • Be familiar with windmills and building and facility upkeep.
  • Ability to learn about rotational grassing strategy in the Sandhills
  • Willingness to supervise one additional person if needed

Other Competencies that would add value:

  • Strong desire to enhance the operation through innovation and technology
  • Mechanic abilities
  • Special training and cattle skills


  • 6 ½ days a week
  • Feed on Sunday morning with the rest of the day off (except during peak seasons)
  • Peak Seasons:
  • Calving: February-April
  • AI-ing: late April-May


We have created a comprehensive benefits package and compensation that will be based on experience and ability.




Valued at: $1,100 per month = $13,200 per year

A nice ranch home on the home place will be provided.
2 bedroom with a spacious office, 1 car garage, and mid-sized living spaces that comes with basic furniture. (No Pets)


Valued at: $225 per month = $2,700 per year


Valued at: $1,500 per year

Your six-month bonus will be a ½ of beef for your freezer. Each year after that we will ensure that you have a ½ of beef per year.


We work 7 days a week, however Sundays during non-peak seasons, we will feed cows and then you can have the remaining part of the day off.

  • During calving season, the expectation is that we work 7 days a week.

After the first month of work, you may request one full weekend (Saturday and Sunday) off per month, except during peak season -February-May.

Additional time off:

  • You may request partial or full days off in advance to run into town for personal appointments, etc. The ultimate goal is that we will provide flexibility with the caveat that there is ample communication about any “time off,” and this is seen as a great benefit and is used sparingly.

After 1 year of service:

  • 5-day vacation during non-peak season (must be pre-planned)


We want you to stay here, build a community, and start your own cattle herd. After two years of service, we will begin conversations about starting your cattle herd. It is our hope that if it is a good fit, then you will have the ability to be a part of ranch in that way as well.


If a candidate has a desire to learn more about artificial insemination (AI) after one year of service, there would be an opportunity to consider attending an AI school. This is not guaranteed, but for the right person this might be a good fit for the operation.


If you have a desire to be engaged in the community, attend church, or anything else, we will support and encourage that involvement. After three months of service, we are happy to have conversations about the many ways you can become engaged in the community.


We are looking for someone that wants to be part of the operation with the mindset that this is a long-term situation where they can learn and grow with the operation. They will have opportunities to develop a cow herd and be involved with the success of the ranch operation that has encompassed three generations.

If this sounds like something that suits you (and your family), let’s chat. Couples are welcome to apply and we will do whatever possible to help trailing spouses find a job in Valentine or Thedford if that is desired. We want you to join the ranch and the community, so you can make Cherry County home.

Link to Job Description: https://bit.ly/3uozjx3

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $40,000.00 – $51,000.00 per year


  • Paid time off
  • Professional development assistance


  • Every weekend
  • Monday to Friday
  • Rotating weekends
  • Year round work

Application Question(s):

  • Are you able and willing to relocate near Valentine, Nebraska?


  • Management: 3 years (Preferred)

Work Location: In person

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