Sow Farm Manager in Comfrey, MN

Christensen Farms

Job Description

Christensen Farms is seeking experienced swine professionals to lead and manage sow farms. The primary focus of the Sow Farm Manager will be centered on the care and welfare of the animals, as well as production efficiency, site care, and providing leadership and development opportunities to employees.

Various locations available throughout the Midwest.


Production Management

  • •Plan and direct all production phases on the farm and implement processes as required.
  • •Implement action plans to meet farm-specific and company-set goals.
  • •Actively communicate with the service manager and veterinarians regarding the health of the herd.
  • •Ensure strict compliance to all bio-security protocols and take action as necessary.
  • •Order feed, supplies, and equipment for the farm, herd, and employees.
  • •Produce well written production reports in a timely manner.

Employee Management

  • •Provide daily leadership and direction to all farm staff.
  • •Reinforce compliance of all policies and procedures.
  • •Conduct team meetings to communicate the goals and direction of the farm and the company.
  • •Ensure all safety procedures are in place and take action to lower safety incidents on the farm.
  • •Ensure safety equipment is provided and utilized by all farm staff.
  • •Promote a safe, professional, and positively motivating work environment.
  • •Implement discipline processes as necessary and provide direction for employees to improve.
  • •Provide development opportunities for employees on the farm and offer guidance to employees to reach their personal and professional goals.
  • •Administer interviews for new farm staff members and make quality hiring decisions to maintain a well-staffed farm.
  • •Complete orientation and training with all new employees in a timely and effective manner.
  • •Maintain active communications with the production recruiter to inform of staffing needs.

Cost Management

  • •Manage labor resources by controlling hours worked by each employee and enforcing employee efficiency.
  • •Manage feed and medication inventory and supply.

Site Care

  • •Ensure cleanliness and sanitation of the site.
  • •Hold employees accountable for the care and cleanliness of the site.
  • •Produce work orders for the repair and maintenance staff as needed, using a timely and proactive approach.


Education: 2 or 4-year degree within an agriculture-based major is preferred.

Experience: 1 to 3 years of swine production management experience preferred.

Knowledge and Skills:

  • •Ability to manage time and priorities in a fast-paced, changing environment.
  • •Display a high level of professionalism and confidentiality.
  • •Ability to work successfully with limited supervision.
  • •Ability to recognize problems before they occur and take a proactive approach to resolve the issue.
  • •Possess excellent problem-solving, leadership, and project management skills.
  • •Ability to manage confrontational situations in a fair, consistent, and prompt manner.
  • •Possess strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • •Proven ability to lead by example and positively influence a group of people.
  • •Ability to maintain positive working relationships and support organizational processes and goals.

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