Wildlife Rehabilitation & Animal Caretaker in Kendalia, TX

Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation, Inc.

Job Description

The Wildlife Rehabilitation and Animal Caretaker is responsible for ensuring that proper care is given to all animals at WRR according to approved protocols and standards.

Animal Caretakers will be responsible for daily feeding, enclosure cleaning and maintenance, behavioral observations and enrichment activities for a wide variety of Texas native and non-native avian, mammal, and reptile species.

These animals include, but are not limited to, opossums, songbirds, doves, deer, waterfowl, turtles and tortoises.

This position involves substantial animal care responsibilities, triage and care of new arrival patients, administrative duties (record keeping), and fieldwork involving rescues, releases and transportation of animals.

Animal Caretakers are also expected to engage in public interaction and working with volunteers and apprentices.