Sow Farm Worker Jobs

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    Typical salary for sow farm workers

    The average Hog Farm Worker in the US makes $27,522. The average bonus for an Hog Farm Worker is $310 which represents 1% of their salary, with 100% of people reporting that they receive a bonus each year. Hog Farm Workers make the most in San Francisco at $32,423, averaging total compensation 18% greater than the US average. According to

    Sow farm worker job responsibilities

    A sow farm worker oversees the health of newly weaned piglets to ensure optimal growth at an early age in the pig’s life.

    They also ensure proper usage of medication following the drug residue avoidance/broken needle policies and keep accurate records of data.

    Additionally, they maintain barn temperature and ventilation equipment and controls to provide the right amount of heat and fresh air to promote growth.