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    About Agriculture Jobs in North Dakota

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    Vital, diverse, resilient – these are just a few words that describe North Dakota’s thriving agricultural industry and those who are part of it.

    Despite the challenges of a changing economy, a pandemic, weather challenges and more, North Dakota’s 26,000 farmers and ranchers continue to be among the best in the nation, producing crops and staples for the world.

    The state farms are spread over 39.3 million acres, nearly 90% of North Dakota’s land area, with an average farm covering approximately 1,512 acres. The main products of the state include durum and spring wheat, dried edible beans, canola, flaxseed, oats, and honey.

    Livestock is also an important agricultural sector for the state, with North Dakota hosting more than two head of cattle for each citizen.

    North Dakota agriculture extends far beyond commodities and crops. Agritourism, agribusiness and food processing, innovative technology, local food and farmers markets, and agricultural education all contribute to the state’s thriving industry.