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    What is the Typical Salary in Agriculture Research?

    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, agricultural scientists earned a median annual salary of $68,830 as of 2020 (;

    What type of training is needed?

    Take advanced science courses in high school

    You can prepare for a career in agricultural science by taking advanced science courses in biology, chemistry or physics, as well as courses in family and consumer sciences, while still in high school.

    You can also gain hands-on experience by participating in summer internships at a farm or food-processing plant.

    Get a college degree

    Relevant bachelor’s degree programs for this career field include agricultural science and agricultural biochemistry.

    With a degree in agricultural science, you may focus on areas such as animal and nutritional sciences.

    A biochemistry degree program usually offers courses like genetics, physics and mathematics, which can prepare you to work as an agricultural scientist.

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